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Adventure tourism spots in Nusa Penida, Bali are challenging and enchanting

Nusa (island) Penida is the one of island group which is in southeastern Bali with landscape which stretches across 209,41 square kilometers. It have tourism interesting spots to visit in the form of beaches, karst hill landscape, and underwater sealife with enchanting coral reefs. Nusa Penida its are subdistrict below administration of Klungkung Regency, Bali.

To get to Nusa Penida Island sea transportation routes are used as early access from Sanur harbor to Toyapakeh harbor (Penida). In a day public transportation service providers (fast boat) serving Sanur-Toyapakeh-Sanur route until 4 to 5 time round trip, start from 07.00am until 17.00pm for the latest trip return to Sanur.

Unfortunately the road access has not been completely completed, there are several parts such as the access to Broken Beach and Angel Billabong which still need further improvement, and the overall width of the road is too narrow so that when passing four-wheeled vehicles you have to move slowly because it is too tight. This is a factor in wasted time in terms of travel distance between one tourist spot and another, especially for tourists who do one day trips so sometimes they only get 4-5 tourist spots to visit. Meanwhile, the total number of tourist spots offered ideally takes 2 to 3 days, which means that tourists will stay overnight in hotels or guest houses which are also widely available.

Nusa Penida has become widely known internationally since exploring tourist spots that look instagrammable when taking selfies, such as the Kelingking Points and Diamond Beach areas. Both have a similar landscape, namely a view of the beach with towering karst rock cliffs, beach with clear, light and dark blue sea water and white sand, high karst cliffs with transverse lines layered with traces of seawater erosion. Even though it has exotic views, It is not recommended to bathe or swim in the beach area considering that the waves are so strong and it is risky for tourists.

Nusa Penida is very suitable for tourists who have an interest and hobby in hill hiking and adventure. It is highly recommended for elderly tourists whose physical stamina is not very good and are not familiar with hiking activities to choose another beach spot option such as Crystal Bay, or similar. There was also a mother carrying a toddler who looked very tired when you have to go up and down the hill trail to the main spot, Maybe it would be a good idea in the future for the local government or area management services to add shade trees along the access trail to the spot so that the hot sun during the day does not directly affect the stamina of visitors.

Adventure tourism spots in Nusa Penida, Bali are challenging and enchanting

For culinary matters, many local stalls and restaurants have emerged offering culinary offerings ranging from local culinary delights to western food. Below, the prices for each culinary delight vary and are definitely different from the culinary prices in Denpasar, There is no fixed price benchmark but the price is 40-50% higher than the price prevailing in Denpasar. This is because the raw material supply chain must be supplied from the cities of Denpasar or Klungkung using sea transportation so the cost of procuring materials is also quite difficult and expensive.

Infrastructure improvements are still being carried out by the regional government, including other public facilities in tourist areas which continue to be built by management services or local indigenous communities. Including great attention to waste management where every tourism industry that takes place will simultaneously create waste problems throughout the access area, related to the habits of each tourist, both domestic and foreign. Hopefully in the future it will be closer to perfection, so that together local residents, tourist accommodation service providers and tourists work together to protect the environment and nature so that it remains sustainable for all time.

Another public facility that tourists need to pay attention to when visiting Nusa Penida is access to banking services in the form of ATMs (automatic teller machines), Not all corners of the island have ATMs, only the Toyapakeh port area has ATM facilities and even then only certain banks. It is highly recommended for visiting tourists to carry out trip arrangements as well, for example, prepare sufficient cash funds for personal needs such as food, entrance tickets to tourist spots, equipment that must be purchased and petrol / fuel for rental vehicles. For other things that can be done via bank transfer such as hotel bookings, or motor vehicle rentals, etc. This is to anticipate that there will be no running out of cash funds at tourist spot locations and having difficulty finding the nearest ATM.

Adventure tourism spots in Nusa Penida, Bali are challenging and enchanting

There are only a few nighttime activities for tourists staying overnight at a few points, such as the Toyapakeh port area, and the rest of the private resorts are rural life which may seem quiet and lack street lights in contrast to urban nightlife. How is it? Interested to visiting Nusa Penida? A charming island with a million challenges for those of you who have a young spirit and want a natural adventure. (de/dps)